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Course of Our Times, The; Transformation Of Richard Nixon, The

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Course of Our Times, The
Transformation Of Richard Nixon, The
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Historical survey hosted by Abram Sachar, Brandeis University. Series release date: 1973

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“Richard Nixon’s margin of victory in the presidential election of 1968 was one of the slimmest in American History. Once in office he moved with confident skill to reorder American priorities. All of his earlier experiences and commitments had identified him as an arch conservative in domestic affairs and as a hard line Cold War protagonist in foreign policy. Faced with the realities of a world that had completely outgrown the restraints of the Cold War, his administration repudiated most of his earlier commitments. He championed what was virtually a diplomatic revolution in relationships with the Soviet Union and Red China. The Red baiter who had launched his political career by attacking Democratic opponents as stooges of Communism became the sponsor of Red China in its bid to become a member of the United Nations, and the initiator of a policy to ‘normalize’ relations with the Soviet Union. Before the end of his administration many liberals were wondering if Richard Nixon would win the Nobel Peace Prize.”



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