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Masterpiece Theatre; Prime Suspect, Series VI: The Last Witness

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Masterpiece Theatre
Prime Suspect, Series VI: The Last Witness
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Program premiered in 1971 with The First Churchills. Hosted by Alastair Cooke. Intended as a showcase for the best of British television drama. Spawned MYSTERY! in 1980. Current executive producer Rebecca Eaton. All promotion of program done by Frank Goodman & Associates (see below). Synopsis, cast information and producers listed by individual title. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

It's been seven years since Inspector Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) put the handcuffs on a psychotic killer in the last episode. Now, amid pressure to retire, she faces a death squad that has unleashed the horrors of the Balkan civil war on London.

3310: 4/18/2004: Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren) is ripe for retirement in the eyes of her boss at the London Metropolitan Police. But it's the farthest thing from her mind as she brazenly takes over a high-profile murder case from her underling DCI Simon Finch (Ben Miles). The victim: a Bosnian Muslim woman named Samira. Injuries: torture followed by strangulation. Motive: none. Police turn up a suspect with a strange connection to the victim: Bosnian Serb Duscan Zigic (Velibor Topic), who during the Bosnian civil war spared Samira's life when ordered to kill her and her sister, Jasmina (Ingeborga Dapkunaite). Suspecting that someone gave orders for Zigic to correct this lapse, Tennison begins looking for the mastermind, worried that Jasmina might be next.

3311: 4/25/2004: Jane Tennison's investigation takes her to Bosnia with her old flame, Robert West (Liam Cunningham), a journalist with wide experience in the region. There, she makes a crucial breakthrough. But on her return she is dismayed to learn that her prime suspect is in an international witness protection program. Inspired by her father's (Frank Finlay) reminiscence of liberating a World War II concentration camp, Tennison makes her move anyway, resulting in her dismissal from the case. Justice for the killer now hinges on the cooperation of the cop whose judgment Tennison spurned at the outset: DCI Finch.



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