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World; Food Aid: What's in It for Us?



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Food Aid: What's in It for Us?
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Documentary series with international stories. Predecessor to FRONTLINE, executive producer David Fanning. Five seasons from 1978-1981. "WORLD has presented a series of international documentaries. One of our concerns has been to show the world as others see it, and we are committed to the idea that we should include those who normally don't have a chance to have their voices heard." -- quote from opening to Blacks Britannica (1978) Series release date: 1978

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In just over 25 years, our government has shipped 30 billion dollars worth of food aid to hungrier countries -- and provides more than half the world's food aid. Less than 20% of this aid goes to emergencies. Food aid also includes extensive supplementary feeding programs which aim to fight malnutrition. Food for Work programs are intended to help development and self-reliance. Government-to-government food aid is sold to friendly governments. Are those good intentions misplaced?



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Broadcast program

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Global Affairs
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