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Secrets of Lost Empires; Medieval Siege


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Secrets of Lost Empires
Medieval Siege
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See Nova programs 2403, 2404, 2405, 2406 for first Secrets of Lost Empires series aired as Nova programs.

A NOVA Special Presentation: In the tradition of its acclaimed programs on the creation of the pyramids, Stonehenge, and other antique marvels, NOVA tackles five more unsolved engineering mysteries using historically accurate methods and materials. For added authenticity, each program is shot on location where the ancient deed was done. And each effort is guided by experts in the field, often with radically different theories about how to proceed.

Following the blueprint established in SECRETS OF LOST EMPIRES - an archaeology series that eschewed talking heads and inert artifacts - the second series follows teams of living, breathing, passionate, inquisitive people as they struggle to duplicate the technological feats of ancient civilizations, using the tools and materials available in antiquity.

Series release date: 2000

Program Description

101 "Medieval Siege" - NOVA sets two teams of timber framers, engineers, and historians the challenge of recreating the atom bomb of the middle ages -- Warwolf -- a fearsome catapult used by King Edward I of England against the Scots. When complete, these monstrous machines compete to see which can pulverize a wall built to thirteenth century fortress standards. The results capture all the suspense, violence, and ingenuity of a medieval siege.



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