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Victory Garden; Victory Garden 2034


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Victory Garden
Victory Garden 2034
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Gardening program hosted by Jim Wilson and joined by Bob Smaus, Roger Swain, Lucinda Mays and Peter Seabrook as international travel correspondent. Series chef is Marion Morash. Special correspondent is Holly Shimizu. The Boston-based Victory Garden (w/ Roger Swain) is located at a private residence; Victory Garden South is at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia; Victory Garden West is at Roger's Garden Center in Corona del Mar, California. Original program: Crockett's Victory Garden - premiered April 6, 1976. Hosted by Jim Crockett. Second host Bob Thomson (for 12 years till 1991). Series release date: 1976

Program Description

Roger Swain opens in the winter suburban garden clipping forsythia to force bloom indoors. He recommends cutting branches anytime after Christmas. The branches should be brought indoors and placed in a bucket of cool water, in a cool location. They should bloom within 3 weeks.

Holly Shimizu takes us to the gardens of Joe Eck (garden designer) in Southern Vermont where it is early summer. We tour the vegetable garden where he points out: tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, Mizuna, Radicchio "Rosso di Treviso," Helleborus orientalis (poisonous), gooseberry "hinumaki yellow," Egyptian onions, strawberries, peas "tall telephone"

We also visit his flower garden with yew hedges, syringa x prestoniae "nocturne" lilac, beberis thunbergii "crimson pygmy," verbascum phoeniceum, diascia barberae "ruby field," and in containers: petunia integritulia and petunia "azure pearls."

Tovah Martin and April Gibbs display fragrant house plants: Cattleya orchid Dianthus caryophyllus carnation Piqueria trinervia (small white flowers) Euphrasia sp. (purple flowers) Jasminum sumbac arabian jasmine Jasminum officinale f. grandiflorum Gelsemium sempervirens carolina jasmine Osmanthus fragrans Salvia elegans pineapple scented sage Scented geraniums: Pelargonium "logeei" (apple scented) Pelargonium torento (ginger scented) Pelaregonium "little gem" (rose scented) Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) Tetradenia riparia (moth repellant)

Roger also forces Witloof Chickory "turbo hybrid." He plants the roots (to their collar) in plastic nursery containers filled with damp sand. Then, he covers them with another nursery container and tapes any holes, keeping light out. He stores them in a location 60-65 degrees for about three weeks. They produce wonderful white, young plants.

Roger closes with glorious winter displays of Miscanthus sinensis "zebrinus" and "gracillimus" grasses.

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