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Course of Our Times, The; Degaulle And The Fifth Republic

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Course of Our Times, The
Degaulle And The Fifth Republic
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Historical survey hosted by Abram Sachar, Brandeis University. Series release date: 1973

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“In 1958, as the Fourth Republic disintegrated because of internal ineptitude and heavy losses in futile colonial wars, Charles de Gaulle returned from his twelve years in the political wilderness to create the Fifth Republic. He dominated France for more than a decade, ‘a dictator by consent’. In this period he tried hared to create a Third Force that would counterbalance the super-hegemonies of the United States and Russia. His reliance on glamor was no substitute for power, but he did restore the pride of France and ended the chaos of its political fragmentation. The electorate of 1968 repudiated him, perhaps because he had rebuilt so successfully that he was expendable.”



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