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Arthur's Missing Pal


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Arthur's Missing Pal
Program Description

Arthur's dog, Pal, goes missing and the whole gang is in on solving the mystery. Will Arthur get his furry friend back? Or will Pal decide that life on the road is more fun?

Arthur, like you've never seen him before, stars in his FIRST-EVER CGI movie! When Arthur's dog Pal disappears, Arthur must enlist the help of his friends to track him down. While Pal discovers his newfound freedom, Arthur discovers how much he misses his dog. Good thing Arthur has the gang to turn to -- especially his best friend, Buster Baxter who dusts off his old detective gear to get on the case. This canine quest leads Arthur and Buster across Elwood city, deep into the bowels of an ice cream factory, past a giant cow on ice skates, and right up to the point where all hope seems lost. Could the solution to this caper, though, be right in front of Arthur's eyes? And why has D.W. been acting so funny lately? One thing's for certain, Arthur is determined to get to the bottom of this case. Follow Arthur, Buster and all their friends through the streets of Elwood City as they sniff out clues and chase after leads...and learn a valuable lesson about friendship, teamwork and responsibility.



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