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Crockett's Victory Garden; Victory Garden 138


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Crockett's Victory Garden
Victory Garden 138
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Practical advice on vegetable and flower gardening and the latest in horticultural developments; hosted by Jim Crockett until his death in 1979. Then the program was re-titled THE VICTORY GARDEN.

Hosted by James Crockett, the series began airing locally April 16, 1975. The First season were 30 shows numbered 101 to 130 and broadcast April to November 12, 1975. There followed a Winter Season of 17 shows that numbered 131 to 148. It was broadcast from November 19, 1975 to March 24, 1976.

The first National Season premiered on PBS April 7, 1976. It consisted of 34 shows numbered 101 to 134 and was broadcast from April to November 26, 1976. It was followed by a Winter Season of 17 repackaged shows, numbered 135 to 151 and broadcast from December 1, 1976 to March 30, 1977.

The second National season was broadcast from April 6 to November 23, 1977. It was 34 shows numbered 201 to 234. This was followed by the first Winter Season taped for national distribution. These 27 shows numbered 235 to 261 and were broadcast from November 30, 1977 to May 31, 1978.

Series release date: 4/7/1976

Program Description

Ever been dazzled by the beauty of a holiday house plant but found yourself faced with a sickly specimen a few weeks later? Jim Crockett discusses many Christmastime favorites - kalanchoes, ornamental peppers, orange trees and azaleas. “Azaleas are what I consider a great plant,” says Jim. “If you can’t keep them growing from year to year, you’re not trying very hard.” He goes on to the elegant cyclamen, a plant that the Romans believed was cure for baldness and that the English once thought to be an aphrodesiac. Then on to chrysanthemums now available all year round, and the Reiger begonia, a plant that’s taking the country by storm.

Jim reveals the secret of recycling a pineapple top into a houseplant, and in the plant clinic a drooping gloxinia is given a new lease on life.

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