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Victory Garden; Victory Garden 2132

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Victory Garden
Victory Garden 2132
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Gardening program hosted by Jim Wilson and joined by Bob Smaus, Roger Swain, Lucinda Mays and Peter Seabrook as international travel correspondent. Series chef is Marion Morash. Special correspondent is Holly Shimizu. The Boston-based Victory Garden (w/ Roger Swain) is located at a private residence; Victory Garden South is at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia; Victory Garden West is at Roger's Garden Center in Corona del Mar, California. Original program: Crockett's Victory Garden - premiered April 6, 1976. Hosted by Jim Crockett. Second host Bob Thomson (for 12 years till 1991). Series release date: 1976

Program Description

Roger Swain opens in the greenhouse displaying a geranium, or better known to botanists, a pelargonium.

Adrian Bloom is in Stellenbosch, South Africa, at Uncle Sam's Trading Store, where creeping outside is a Bignonia cherere, Mexican blood trumpet, in full (orange) bloom. He tours an amazing array of native plants at Stellenbosch Botanic Gardens:

Protea cynaroides, king protea Polygala virgata Aristea thyrsiflora (blue) Aloe arborescens (orange) Puya chilensis (barbed flower w/alcoholic smell) Strelitzia reginae (orange) Strelitzia alba (tree)

Curator, Wim Tijmens, Professor of the University of Stellenbosch, joins Adrian and points out:

Cyperus papyrus (for paper-making) Dioscorea elephatipes (used for steriods) Welwitschia mirabilis (over 1000 years old) Pelargonium cucullatim (pink) Pelargonium tetragonum (white) Pelargonium graveolens (used for perfume)

Roger Swain and horticulturist, Tovah Martin, are back in the greenhouse displaying house plants native to South Africa:

Asparagus densiflorus "myry" and "springeri" Crassula argentea, jade plant (these two plants can tolerate some neglect) Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant ("babies" can be potted directly into soil) Streptocarpus sp. Scented geraniums (nutmeg, pine, peppermint, rose/good plants to train as topiaries)

Roger harvests some over-wintered vegetables:

leeks "Alaska" beets "Long Season" carrots "Brilliant" kale "Winterbur"

In closing, he fills a bird feeder with black oil sunflower seeds.

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