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Masterpiece Theatre; Jeeves and Wooster, Series IV

Jeeves & Wooster Series IV Episode One

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Masterpiece Theatre
Jeeves and Wooster, Series IV
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Series Description

Program premiered in 1971 with The First Churchills. Hosted by Alastair Cooke. Intended as a showcase for the best of British television drama. Spawned MYSTERY! in 1980. Current executive producer Rebecca Eaton. All promotion of program done by Frank Goodman & Associates (see below). Synopsis, cast information and producers listed by individual title. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

Broadcast January 8-February 5, 1995

401: 1/8/1995: Summoned by his Aunt Agatha, Bertie Wooster sets off for the coastal resort of Westcombe-on-the- Sea, accompanied by his valet, Jeeves. No sooner has he arrived than Bertie discovers that his matchmaking aunt has commanded his presence so he can meet Aline Hemmingway. All is not what it seems, however, and Bertie soon falls victim to the Hemmingways, who turn out to be notorious confidence tricksters. When Aunt Agatha's pearls are missing, Jeeves' suspicions are aroused and he decides to investigate.

402: 1/15/1995: When Bertie takes up the trombone and his neighbors start to complain, he decides he must retire to the depths of the country for the summer. The idea is enough to make Jeeves hand in his notice and go to work for Bertie's pal Chuffy. Bereft of a valet, Bertie hires the insubordinate Brinkley and repairs to a cottage on the grounds of Chufnell Hall, Chuffy's estate in deepest Devon.

403: 1/22/1995: Uncharacteristically, Bertie is brooding on the subject of marriage and parenthood. His life, he tells Jeeves, is empty. To fill the void, he decides to marry Bobbie Wickham, of whom Jeeves has always taken a dim view. Attempts at proposal are continuously foiled by the presence of Bobbie's young niece, Clementina.

404: 1/29/1995: Bertie is instructed by Aunt Dahlia to visit a particular jeweler's shop to inspect a rare silver cow-creamer greatly coveted by her husband, Tom. Bertie manages to bungle this simple task, and the creamer is bought by Sir Watkyn Bassett, Uncle Tom's silver-collecting arch rival. Infuriated by this turn of events, Aunt Dahlia commands Bertie to steal the cow-creamer back from Sir Watkyn.

405: 2/5/1995: Bertie, along with Gussie Fink-Nottle and friends, prepares for the annual ball at Totleigh Towers, during which Gussie's engagement to Madeline Bassett is to be announced. To overcome fear of his prospective father-in-law, Sir Watkyn Bassett, and his old friend, Roderick Spode, Gussie is advised to draw strength from their shortcomings. As events take a farcical turn, Jeeves is called upon to expose Spode's dark secret and to set things right.

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