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Victory Garden; Victory Garden 2319

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Victory Garden
Victory Garden 2319
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Gardening program hosted by Jim Wilson and joined by Bob Smaus, Roger Swain, Lucinda Mays and Peter Seabrook as international travel correspondent. Series chef is Marion Morash. Special correspondent is Holly Shimizu. The Boston-based Victory Garden (w/ Roger Swain) is located at a private residence; Victory Garden South is at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia; Victory Garden West is at Roger's Garden Center in Corona del Mar, California. Original program: Crockett's Victory Garden - premiered April 6, 1976. Hosted by Jim Crockett. Second host Bob Thomson (for 12 years till 1991). Series release date: 1976

Program Description

Roger Swain opens in the suburban garden showcasing a true blue flower, Gentiana asclepiadea 'willow gentian.'

In the cottage garden, he displays the dwarf Canadian hemlock 'Labar White Tip,' which has sprouted new white needles. He then shows off the wonderful golden blossoms of rosa 'Polka' at the trellis. It's a fast-growing, disease- resistant rose that is a repeat bloomer. He ties the long canes to the trellis with soft jute. Bending the canes gently into a horizontal position increases flowering.

At the wall garden, Roger takes cuttings of various coleus that have grown outdoors in pots all summer. He clips non-flowering shoots, cuts them just below the node, prunes away the lower leaves and dips them into a rooting powder. He then "pots" them into a free-draining tray filled with pearlite. Water well and keep covered in a plastic "tent" in the shade. They will root within a couple of weeks.

Holly Shimizu is in Mt. Desert Island, Maine, with landscape architect Patrick Chassé. Together they tour a private garden where the house becomes a gateway to the garden and water views ahead. Highlights:

Laburnum sp. 'Beantree' Pinus strobus - Eastern white pine Heliotropium 'Royal Fragrance' Artemesia ludoviciana 'Silver King' Delphinium 'Summer Skies' Astilbe sp. Lilium 'Toscana' Aconitum sp. (blue spikes) malus hupehensis 'tea crab apple' (espaliered)

Mr. Chassé brings us to a wooded area where the ground is a lush carpet of moss. To encourage moss, eliminate weeds that compete with it and fallen leaves. Keep it moist and grow in acidic soil.

Back in the vegetable garden, Roger harvests peppers 'Redstart' for Marian's one-dish recipe using chicken, peppers, and other vegetables.

Roger Swain closes showcasing canna 'Russian Red,' casta bean plan and plant-of-the-week Eupatorium purpureum 'Big Umbrella.'

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