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Masterpiece Theatre; Bramwell, Series VI

Bramwell, Series 6, Episode 1 Packaged show

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Masterpiece Theatre
Bramwell, Series VI
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Program premiered in 1971 with The First Churchills. Hosted by Alastair Cooke. Intended as a showcase for the best of British television drama. Spawned MYSTERY! in 1980. Current executive producer Rebecca Eaton. All promotion of program done by Frank Goodman & Associates (see below). Synopsis, cast information and producers listed by individual title. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

The career and love life of Dr. Eleanor Bramwell reach a moving climax in the concluding five episodes of Bramwell, starring Jemma Redgrave as the feisty female physician in 1890s London: 3007: brings Eleanor and Finn O'Neill back together. Finn has jilted Eleanor by marrying a rich American (Paloma Baeza: Far From the Madding Crowd). The newlyweds are back in London where Finn is espousing a controversial smallpox re-vaccination. Desperately sick with a mysterious malady, Finn's wife turns to Eleanor and her father, Robert, for treatment. Robert suspects Finn has been experimenting on his wife, possibly with the goal of killing her so he can correct the mistake of abandoning Eleanor. Finn's most recent pass at Eleanor lends weight to this shocking hypothesis. 3008: finds the patients at the Thrift Free Infirmary for the Deserving Poor embracing faith healing after the charismatic Mr. Matthews (David Bradley: Reckless, Our Mutual Friend) cures a case of goiter that Dr. Joe Marsham (Kevin McMonagle) had deemed fatal. Marsham is already at a low ebb due to his wife's recent death from cancer. Now he begins to doubt his medical abilities. Sensing the doctor's vulnerability, Matthews taunts him. But the faith healer is wrestling with his own demons -- both physical and spiritual. 3009: rings wedding bells at last for Robert and his long-time sweetheart, brewery baroness Alice Castogan (Maureen Beattie). Romance is also brewing between Nurse Carr (Ruth Sheen) and Stanley, the new night porter at the Thrift, who has been hired for Eleanor's protection now that she will no longer be living with her father. But after some celebratory champagne Stanley gets violent and tells Eleanor: “You're the talk of the East End!” At another party, Eleanor in effect proposes to Marsham, who almost collapses with shock. 3010: is set against the outbreak of the Boer War in 1899. Caught up in the patriotic excitement, Eleanor volunteers to inspect recruits who dutifully line up before her naked. Her fiancé Marsham is a vocal pacifist. Not so Nurse Carr who gets sweet on the recruiting sergeant. Meanwhile, Major Guy Quarry (David Bark Jones) gets involved in the case of an injured Dutchman recuperating at the Thrift, who confesses under torture to be a munitions dealer for the Boers. Eleanor is repulsed by Quarry's methods, but increasingly fascinated with him, especially as he talks her out of her engagement with Marsham. 3011: opens with Eleanor visiting a convent to assess options for unwed mothers. Back at the Thrift, victims pour in from a brothel fire, among them Marsham, his prostitute, and her daughter, Dora. After Eleanor sends Dora away in the safekeeping of the madam, she realizes she has unwittingly consigned the child to a career as a prostitute. Also realizing she is pregnant by Major Quarry, Eleanor starts an obsessive search through London for Dora, aided by Quarry. Meanwhile, the Thrift's new manager, Mrs. Bruce, has arranged funding from a local philanthropist, whom Eleanor tries to entangle in her anti-child prostitution cause. Eleanor suffers the consequences from an angry Mrs. Bruce. She is also prepared to suffer the consequences of her impetuous affair with Quarry, who has been ordered to South Africa. Considering her bad luck in love, entering a convent to have a child may be her best choice. But is it?



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