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American Experience; Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World

DVD Bonus Video (9 clips) ‘Whales’ (1:00:00) ‘Nantucket’ (1:06:31) ‘The Forecastle’ (1:15:05) ‘Sperm Whales and Scrimshaw’ (1:19:18) ‘Owen Chase & Capt. Pollard Return’ (1:21:19) ‘Bonnie Ship the Diamond’ (1:22:35) ‘Coast of Peru’ (1:25:21) ‘Wings of a Gull’ (1:28:26) ‘A Very Long Take’ (1:32:08)

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American Experience
Into the Deep: America, Whaling & the World
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Premiered October 1988 As television's longest-running, most-watched history series, American Experience brings to life the incredible characters and epic stories that helped form this nation. Now in its eighteenth season, the series has produced over 180 programs and garnered every major broadcast award. Series release date: 10/1988

Program Description

For two centuries, American whale oil lit the world -- powering the start of the industrial revolution and laying the groundwork for a truly global economy. From its stunning rise as an economic force in the 18th century, to its precipitous decline in the decades following the Civil War, the whaling industry mapped millions of miles of uncharted ocean, opened new seaways and markets, employed the world's most multi-cultural workforce, and shrunk the globe by bringing once remote reaches of the earth into contact as never before -- all the while capturing the American imagination. From director Ric Burns (New York: A Documentary Film, Ansel Adams, The Donner Party) "Into the Deep: Whaling & America" explores America's first global industry. And as Americans now see fortunes rise and fall on the global energy and consumer markets, the rapid commoditization of whales and the sharp decline of the whaling industry serve as a stark reminder of the volatility of the global marketplace.

Written and Directed by Ric Burns




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