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NOVA; Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial


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Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial
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Premiered March 1974 NOVA is a general-interest documentary series that addresses a single science issue each week. Billed as "science adventures for curious grown-ups" when it first aired in March, 1974, NOVA continues to offer an informative and entertaining approach to a challenging subject. 1996 marked NOVA's 23rd season, which makes it the longest-running science program on national television. It is also one of television's most acclaimed series, having won every major television award, most of them many times over. Series release date: 3/3/1974

Program Description

In December 2004, a group of parents from Dover, Pennsylvania, filed suit in federal court against a policy instituted by the town's school board. Months earlier, the board had required high school biology teachers to read a statement to their classes that presented intelligent design, as explained in the textbook Of Pandas and People, as an alternative scientific theory to evolution. The parents, joined by a group of Dover High School science teachers, sought to prove that the intention behind the board's policy—to reject evolution and advance a religious agenda—was unconstitutional. The media resources and lesson plan, based on the NOVA program, "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial", address some common misperceptions concerning the very meaning of "theory" in science and feature compelling evidence in support of evolution.

Assets under this title include those for the Teachers' Domain course: Teaching Evolution in 21st Century America and Teachers' Domain College Edition, Health Science: Genetic and Infectious Disease.



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