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Teachers' Domain; Inspiring Middle School Literacy


This tape contains 19 final assets Resources integrated into the Inspiring Middle School Literacy collection on the Teachers' Domain website. Working Title: Adolescent Literacy Listed below are asset code followed by aspect ratio adlit08_vid_saaerie2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saaglades2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saagovt1 16x9 adlit08_vid_saahamilton1 16x9 adlit08_vid_saajaw3 4x3 adlit08_vid_saaland1 4x3 adlit08_vid_saamaya2 16x9 adlit08_vid_saapoca2 16x9 adlit08_vid_saapoca4 16x9 adlit08_vid_saarepro2 letterboxed adlit08_vid_saarepro3 letterboxed adlit08_vid_saaslavery1 4x3 adlit08_vid_saaslavery2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saasmith2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saaspace3 4x3 adlit08_vid_saatransition2 16x9 adlit08_vid_saawegener2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saawinter2 4x3 adlit08_vid_saawinter3 16x9 No TD Watermark

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Teachers' Domain
Inspiring Middle School Literacy
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Series Description

Teachers' Domain is committed to providing teachers with a variety of professional development opportunities which are rigorous, inquiry-driven, and rooted in innovative classroom practices. Teachers’ Domain currently offers facilitated online courses, which can be customized and licensed by schools, districts, or states.

Program Description

The Walmart Middle School Literacy Initiative are self-paced online lessons designed to enhance the literacy skills of struggling readers in grades 5–8. Each uses videos, interactive activities, note taking, reading, and writing to present students with an engaging science, social studies, mathematics, or English language arts topic.

Each lesson addresses a range of literacy strategies, which are listed in the accompanying teacher's guide.

Content Areas English Language Arts Topics Mathematics Topics Science and Health Topics Social Studies Topics

Key Literacy Strategies Categorizing Basic Facts and Ideas Comparing and Contrasting Ideas Constructing Summaries Determining Important Information Establishing Cause and Effect Identifying and Using Text Features Making Connections Making Inferences Sequencing Events Understanding Fact and Opinion Understanding Problem/Solution Using Background Knowledge



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Broadcast program

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