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Masterpiece Theatre; Much Ado About Nothing

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Masterpiece Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing
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Program premiered in 1971 with The First Churchills. Hosted by Alastair Cooke. Intended as a showcase for the best of British television drama. Spawned MYSTERY! in 1980. Current executive producer Rebecca Eaton. All promotion of program done by Frank Goodman & Associates (see below). Synopsis, cast information and producers listed by individual title. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

The victorious warrior Don Pedro (Denzel Washington) and his troop, which includes Claudio (Robert Sean Leonard) and Benedick (Kenneth Branagh), pay a visit to the Duke of Messina, Leonato (Richard Briers), father of Hero (Kate Beckinsale) and uncle of Beatrice (Emma Thompson). Beatrice and Benedick, verbal sparring partners, are tricked into believing each is in love with the other. Don John (Keanu Reeves), Don Pedro's malevolent brother, thwarts Claudio's marriage by arranging for him to witness Hero's dalliance with another man; but the woman Claudio sees is actually Hero's maidservant in disguise. Claudio publicly denounces Hero on their wedding day and she faints and apparently dies. Don John's malicious plot is unmasked by the local constables, Dogberry (Michael Keaton) and Verges (Ben Elton). Claudio, to atone for his culpability in Hero's death, agrees to marry an unknown cousin of Hero's; the veiled bride turns out to be Hero herself. Benedick and Beatrice are married at the same time. Based on the play by William Shakespeare & photographed in Italy in and around the imposing 14th-century Villa Vignamaggio, which overlooks the town of Greve. NOTE: Previously in theatrical distribution and fed on the Disney Channel.

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