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PBS Millennium 2000


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PBS Millennium 2000
Program Description

An unprecedented 25-hour, live television event, linking Millennium celebrations around the world, will kick off 12/31/99 in the South Pacific (the first region to enter the 21st century) and work its way around the globe, the broadcast will capture the world's most spectacular celebrations to welcome the year 2000. Gwen Ifill, moderator for WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW and senior correspondent for THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER, will host. Broadcasting to and from virtually every region of the globe, this unprecedented undertaking is the most massive and ambitious live television events in history. The program is co-produced by WGBH Boston, the BBC and a consortium of 56 countries who have put their best foot and their best artists forward to deliver a momentous celebration and a reflection on the meaning of this transition: · On a holy mountain top of New Zealand's East Cape, Maori warriors dance to prepare themselves for the challenges of a new age; · From Robben Prison Island off Cape Town, Nelson Mandela hosts a joyous celebration of freedom and equality; · From the South Pole, an observation on the origins of the universe; · An acrobatic ballet on the sails of Sydney Opera House; · Love songs from the monument to love, the Taj Mahal; · The Royal opening of the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, England; · A lot of joie de vivre from the Champs Elysees, lined with dozens of huge Ferris wheels; · A ritual of the sun from Macchu Pichu; · Nineteen European countries will cross into the new millennium together in a vibrant sequence that combines contributions from Paris, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw and Madrid, among others. Performances by orchestras, dance groups, touring shows and internationally-renowned artists such as Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Nana Mouskouri are among dozens scheduled. Classical composer Tan Dun's original work, “2000 Today A World Symphony for the Millennium,” with the BBC Concert Orchestra, the London Voices, the New London Childrens Choir and soprano Susan Botti, also will be featured. PBS member station WGBH will produce millennium events from the United States and will orchestrate an ambitious international link-up of all the consortium members in the Eastern time zone. The Gipsy Kings, performing an updated version of Reggae artist Bob Marley's “One Love,” at Miami Beach, will hook up live with Montreal; Times Square; Panama; Lima, Peru; Easter Island; and Santiago, Chile. The Gipsy Kings will record special versions of this millennium song in English, Spanish and French. Other U.S. contributions include a traditional New Orleans jazz parade to bury the millennium, a Denver Indian Pow Wow at midnight Mountain time, and a ceremony from Anchorage, Alaska at midnight Alaska time, featuring an eight-foot drum constructed especially for the occasion. ABC, also a consortium member, will contribute segments from New York City, Hollywood and Hawaii, and will include segments featuring Ray Charles, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Harry Connick Jr., Aretha Franklin and others. Each of the 25 hours will include some seven or eight segments alternating between countries, continents, day, night, entertainment and reflection. Minutes before midnight, a top-of-the-hour sequence will combine, an imaginative and energetic look at celebrations in all the countries that share the same time zone. Producers expect to record the “lasts” and “firsts” of the old and new millenniums: the last and first babies all 70 maternity hospitals in New Zealand, the first major country to celebrate 2000, will have a PBS MILLENNIUM 2000 camera on site the last and first weddings; the final sunset and inaugural sunrise; and possibly the first reports of a Y2K “disaster.” To ensure such complete coverage for this, one of the most logistically challenging television productions ever undertaken, a total of 60 satellite paths, several thousand miles of fiber optic cable, and more than 2000 cameras will be employed. The initial stop on this stunning visual journey takes place at the top of Mount Hakepa on Pitt Island, part of the Chatham Island chain off the main coast of New Zealand. A small gathering of 60 inhabitants of the first inhabited piece of land to see 2000 will honor their Maori past by lighting a torch from the Kiribati beacon, placing it in an open, double-hulled “Waka” (Maori canoe) and sending it out to sea. The broadcast will visit the Alhambra in Spain and the French Quarter in New Orleans; an ice ballet on a light-festooned Tivoli Lake in Denmark and sunrise over the White Cliffs of Dover; French doctors working in war-devastated Kosovo and the transformation of Vienna into a city-wide, open-air ballroom. Other festivities include virtually every way the world celebrates the new year: hot air balloon festivals, sky diving, native songs and dance, fireworks, prayers and ritual chants, building dedications, boat races, Las Vegas and Hollywood entertainment extravaganzas offering a window to every way the world celebrates and marks the millennium.

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