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Eye to Eye; Monuments


Part of NTW Master Dubbing: 8/98

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Eye to Eye
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If the gobble-de-jargon of art criticism turns you off - If you know what you like but t say so in a very soft voice - then here’s a TV series for you. Remember the commercial on TV for Heinz’ Great American Soups - with tap-dancing and a chorus line and hydraulic soup cans? That’s Art? Have you ever seen a painting of a pipe, and it says on it French, “This is not a pipe”? That’s Magritte. And that’s art.

It’s all on Eye to Eye - a fast-moving, pop-up compendium of everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about art. You’ll find out about the most successful art forger in history. And learn a little bit about counterfeiting. And quilts. And Dossena’s Hoax. And find out if maybe that stuff in your grandmother’s attic is worth a lot or a little. Know what you’ll end up with? The beautiful knowledge that art is all around you. And every day you’ll see and make up your mind. And really know what you like. And feel happy about it. Watch Eye To Eye. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

Marilyn Monroe, The Statue of Liberty, Grant Wood’s American Gothic, trash cans, motherhood and apple pie - they’re all monuments! Monuments in that they fix a feeling about a time, a place, a moment, or a person for future generations. Monuments invites us to look around and put the “monument test” to a number of things we know. Which monuments are real? Which truly move us? Whcih are false, even pretentious and therefore powerless to move or affect us?

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Fine Arts
Hauser, Richard (Series Producer)
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