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Kitchen Sync; Kitchen Sync 112


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Kitchen Sync
Kitchen Sync 112
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Description from press release C. 9/1973: “Kitchen Sync is a collection of new films by independent New England filmmakers. Over 200 films were received and screened before choosing the twenty-four which make up this series of 13 one-half hour shows.

One of the primary motivations for doing this series was the recognition that the new, experimenting filmmaker has very little opportunity of exposure for his work. This is also the reason why we chose to concentrate on the work of filmmakers living in the New England are for this local series.

The films ‘collected’ for this series represent a great variety of style and subject: they include animation, documentary and dramatic narrative films. The filmmakers range in age from fourteen years (two students from Philips Academy at Andover who made the slapstick film, Stars And Stripes Forever) to mature individuals like Joan and Frank Gardner of New Haven, Connecticut who made The Fisherman’s Wife - - Joan is a painter and Frank a psycho-biologist.

Follwoing the presentation of many of the films are interviews with the filmmakers which, as a group, strikingly reveal the diversity of background and interest of these people. “ - Joan Sullivan, Producer, Kitchen Sync, C. 9/1973. Series release date: 1973

Program Description

Night; 12 1/2; Color. Microcosmos; 13 minutes; Color.

Night: “In the sixteenth century John Webster wrote, ‘I know that death hath ten thousand several doors for men to take their exits.’ It is a theme that playwrights and filmmakers have developed since the existence of the capacity for reflection. Chris Beaver, in the film Night, weaves a variation of this theme by using the situation of a man trapped in a cellar as a metaphor to describe the psychological traps all people experience in a myriad of forms and patterns.”

Microcosmos: “The second film in this program is an extraordinary experience in image and sound. It consists entirely of a music track and micro-cinematography of liquid crystals photographed through a polarized-light microscope. All the images of the growth and movement of the crystals was photographed in real time, with no gimmicks. This movement is accompanied by a wide selection of orchestral music, sometimes whimsical, and skillfully edited. Says filmmaker William Warriner, ‘some people consider it a head movie; I consider it a piece of music.”



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Broadcast program

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Film and Television
Wilson, Joan (Series Producer)
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