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This tape contains final videos that have been re-edited from three different Teachers’ Domain collections: Life Science; Earth and Space Science; and Physical Science and Engineering. Asset codes are followed by resource titles below. 16x9 ess05_vid_cavebiogeo Cave Formation: Biogeochemical Cycles 4x3 ess05_vid_climatechange Climate Change rought transition on tape 17:30 ess05_vid_dateflows Dating Lava Flows on Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai'i ess05_vid_drifters Shipwrecks Reveal Ocean Currents ess05_vid_hawaii Plate Tectonics: The Hawaiian Archipelago Letterboxed ess05_vid_maunakea Above the Clouds: Telescopes on Mauna Kea 4x3 ess05_vid_sample Lava Sampling on Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i ess05_vid_thrustfault Earthquakes: Los Angeles ess05_vid_wegener2 Plate Tectonics: Further Evidence Letterboxed phy03_vid_hooverelec Hoover Dam and Hydroelectric Power 4x3 tdc02_vid_eat What do animals Eat? rought transition on tape 50:10 tdc02_vid_teenbrain The Teenage Brain

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Teachers' Domain
Hewlett Collection
Series Description

Teachers' Domain is committed to providing teachers with a variety of professional development opportunities which are rigorous, inquiry-driven, and rooted in innovative classroom practices. Teachers’ Domain currently offers facilitated online courses, which can be customized and licensed by schools, districts, or states.

Program Description

The Hewlett Foundation provided funding to produce these Open Education Resources (OER) which are integrated into existing Teachers’ Domain collections. They were launched on Teachers’ Domain over the course of 3 years from 2007 to 2009.

Twelve resources previously produced for Teachers’ Domain, that had been cleared for streaming only, were re-edited during the 2007 production and are now available as OER resources. These re-edited resources were integrated into existing Teachers' Domain collections: Life Science; Earth and Space Science; and Physical Science and Engineering.

See below for list of new and re-edited videos.

Production in 2007 also included OER resources new to Teachers’ Domain.

See also OER: Open Education Resources titles for additional assets.

9 videos produced videos for Hewlett hew06_vid_angiogenesis hew06_vid_boomsand hew06_vid_earlyhumans hew06_vid_eating hew06_vid_foodweb hew06_vid_mirrorneurons hew06_vid_nightreef hew06_vid_planetdefine hew06_vid_trebuchet

12 videos re-edited during the Hewlett project but are part of other collections: ess05_vid_hawaii ess05_vid_wegener2 tdc02_vid_eat ess05_vid_dateflows ess05_vid_thrustfault tdc02_vid_teenbrain ess05_vid_climatechange ess05_vid_sample ess05_vid_drifters ess05_vid_maunakea phy03_vid_hooverelec ess05_vid_cavebiogeo



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Broadcast program

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