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Food Trip with Todd English; Peru Special


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Food Trip with Todd English
Peru Special
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Saturdays, beginning January 13, 2007

Todd English: chef, author, restaurateur, entrepreneur, explorer, food tripper. He is among America’s culinary royalty, but just where does he get the inspiration for new dishes, new menus, or new restaurants? To find out, join the chef on Food Trip with Todd English, thirteen half-hour episodes premiering on WGBH 2 on Saturday, January 13, 2007, as he shares his talent and taste for reinventing traditional cooking. “I get a lot of ideas from traveling around the country and the world,” says English. “Cooking is often an interpretation of one’s experience and one’s knowledge. Food Trip with Todd English is the kind of television program that will show how people and places inspire me—and how public television viewers can also be motivated to get back into their kitchens and create their own inspired dishes.”

During his travels at home and abroad, Todd explores a different dish or culinary tradition, drawing inspiration for new recipes from each locale's native cuisine and ingredients. Series release date: 1/13/2007

Program Description

In his new one-hour special, internationally acclaimed chef Todd English embarks on a journey of culinary inspiration in Peru, up the mighty Amazon River and in the high-altitude Andes, where exotic dishes and techniques abound. There, he draws inspiration from the native cuisines and ingredients, and then returns to his own restaurant to re-create the mouthwatering international recipes.

Todd English takes viewers on a journey of culinary inspiration to the mighty Amazon River and rain forests that are virtual supermarkets. The Don of the Limalimelight, Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffi no, joins Todd on an ultra modern riverboat. Learn about exotic dishes and techniques that come from Incan, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Creole and Japanese cuisines. From tiger catfi sh ceviche to hearts of palm fettuccine with tropical fruit salsa to Amazon escargot, the food is pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Todd continues his journey high into the Andes Mountains where Incan magic and mystery reveals ancient food secrets. Cuzco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, are the backdrops for the culinary adventures that include samplings of chichi corn beer, deep fried duck and huacatay stuffed roasted guinea pig. After returning to Olives, his restaurant in Boston, Todd puts his culinary fi nds from Peru to the test in his own kitchen.



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