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Basic Black; Alternative Healing


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Basic Black
Alternative Healing
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THe series was formerly known as Say Brother. Series title change as of 1/8/1998. This series is black produced and is one of public television's longest-running series that is rooted in and reflects the culture, concerns, achievements and history of people of African descent. Also includes controversial issues, African American artists, and events of special interest to the African American community.

Series release date: 1/8/1998

Program Description

The show is divided into three segments about alternative healing. Three practicioners will give essential information about how the mind, body, and spirit, function in reducing stress and enhancing individuals well being. Llyod Sheldon Johnson, a psychic practioner, describes his work with using metaphysical to guide us through our daily lives. He has the ability to heal his client by a process in which he looks into a crystal ball and writes down what he hears and sees with his client. He advises his clients to let go and free their mind and let the process to happen. In addition, he sends out a message about the importance of using the power which exists within us to change our lives that can eventually influence other people's lives. For instance, Lloyd's client Dorothy Dwyer improved her quality of life with the help of Lloyd and she learned to look for things or get in tune with her sprituality to make her life better. He feels good in making a difference within people's lives. The second segment is on the body and focuses on homeopathy which is an oldest form of alternative healing. The body has the power to heal itself without the usage of conventional medicine. Homeopathy, developed in 1810, in Germany, by Samuel Hunnerman, who found that a dilute remedy can induce healing without creating any toxic side effects. The physician Ted Chapman, a homeopath, became interested in dealing with the medical system of disease treatment which stimulates the body's natural ability to heal. In Homeopathy there's information or a signal to the body to correct what is doing, the body has a way to self-regulating itself. Hemeopathy is important for curing disease if it produces similar symptoms. Homeopathy gives information to the body but there are anti-doting influences but that is quite specific to people. The third segment features Awra Bolling,an energy body worker, who describes herself helping to realign energy that exists within the body which can undertake stress and environment. She uses an ancient hands on healing htat promotes healing which makes the body to relax. She uses different positions on her clients to in order for them to release their flow of energy. For instance, Awra's client Tonia Brown was stressed and turned to Awra for help and she afterwards felt content and relieved from allergies . Awra helps her clients to find and love themselves unconditionally and venture to other places where they need to travel. This alternative feelings opens the door to look into themselves to see who they really are.

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Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity
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