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Victory Garden; Victory Garden 2205

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Victory Garden
Victory Garden 2205
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Gardening program hosted by Jim Wilson and joined by Bob Smaus, Roger Swain, Lucinda Mays and Peter Seabrook as international travel correspondent. Series chef is Marion Morash. Special correspondent is Holly Shimizu. The Boston-based Victory Garden (w/ Roger Swain) is located at a private residence; Victory Garden South is at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia; Victory Garden West is at Roger's Garden Center in Corona del Mar, California. Original program: Crockett's Victory Garden - premiered April 6, 1976. Hosted by Jim Crockett. Second host Bob Thomson (for 12 years till 1991). Series release date: 1976

Program Description

Roger Swain opens displaying new, healthy shoots of Betula platyphylla "Whitespire" (birch) at the location where he cut down the diseased tree last season.

The stone wall construction is well underway with Roger Cook and his crew.

Roger Swain sows early carrots and parsnips. He emphasizes that soil preparation is paramount. He plans carrots, "Nelson," the sweetest early variety. He sows them thinly (1/2" apart) and covers thinly with a soil-less mix. They will take 21 days to germinate. He also plants parsnips, "Andover." Sow 3 seeds, 6" apart, 1/2" deep. Parsnip seeds are short-lived and should be discarded after one year.

Chef Marian prepares Mexican cheese appetizers:

Prepare 24 - 30 scallions -- clean and cut into 1" pieces 2 cups of grated Mexican cheeses 6 corn tortillas In a non-stick fry pan with 2 tbs. of vegetable oil, saute tortillas topped with 1/3 c. mixed cheeses and 1/2 c. scallions. When cheese melts, fold tortillas in half and continue to saute until lightly browned. Slice into triangles and serve.

Roger Swain prunes roses and tells us that there are three reasons for pruning: •to remove dead wood •encourage growth •open up plant for good circulation

He prunes roses at a 45 degree angle cut to an outside bud.

Bob Smaus is in Del Mar, California, with gardener and flower arranger Linda Teague. She uses a "frog" and hardware cloth to support flowers in her arrangements. In her garden, they choose:

Ranunculus asiaticus (red) Delphinium elatum "Black Knight" Freesia "Tecolote Hybrids" Plectranthus argentatus Cercis canadensis "Forest Pansy" red bud Loropetalum chinense "Plum Delight" Oxalis purpurea Sparaxis tricolor Dianella caerulea Ophiopogon planiscapus "Nigreseens" Babiana stricta (purple) Watsonia borbonica Lophomyrtus "Kathryn" Tulipa clusiana lady tulip Alstromeria "Meyer Hybrids"

Roger Swain closes the show watering seedlings and reminds us not to let new seedlings dry out.

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