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Course of Our Times, The; Sukarno And The Emergence Of Indonesia

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Course of Our Times, The
Sukarno And The Emergence Of Indonesia
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Historical survey hosted by Abram Sachar, Brandeis University. Series release date: 1973

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“Among the nations that emerged from the crucible of World War II was Indonesia, a congeries of three thousand islands that, after the war, had a population of more than ninety million. Indonesia, led by the emancipator Sukarno, professed nonalignment in the East m- West Cold War, but its Communist Party, encouraged by Soviet Russia and Red China, kept moving it into the Communist camp. But he moved too far too fast: he was overthrown in 1966 in an anti-Communist coup, under the leadership of Suharto, and the revolution brought the sixth largest nation in world back into the western camp.”

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