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Evening Compass, The; Governor Sargent's Racial Imbalance; Governor Sargent's Racial Imbalance


Address by Governor Francis Sargent about the proposed repeal of the 1965 Racial Imbalance Act. Program includes analysis before and after the address. Reporter Ed Baumeister introduces Evening Compass topics. Louis Lyons gives brief overview of world news, including possibility of impeachment proceedings for President Nixon and possible succession of Vice President Gerald Ford; inflation and interest rates; debt ceiling. Ed Baumeister begins commentary for governor's address with brief history on 1965 Racial Imbalance Act; footage of supporters marching outside state house, footage of woman speaking on April 3, 1974 in opposition to mandated busing. Busing proponent student Autumn Bruce of Springfield addresses panel. Greg Pilkington and WGBH reporters discuss 14th Ammendment and racial imbalance in schools. Lyons provides commentary on upcoming presidential election. Arpad von Lazar of Fletcher School at Tufts University comments on Carnation Revolution in Portugal. von Lazar and Lyons discuss Revolution. David Wilson of the Boston Globe introduces Governor Francis Sargent's address regarding racial imbalance. Ed Baumeister introduces address and schedule for news coverage after. Governor Sargent addresses federally mandated busing in public address. Discusses equality, distribution of wealth, and failure to integrate and provide better education. Refuses to repeal Racial Imbalance Act in the name of moving forward with civil rights. Talks about expanding METCO program; creating magnet schools; expanding education budget. Following Governor's address, Baumeister, Pilkington, and Pam Bullard, discuss the governor's speech after the address.

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Evening Compass, The
Governor Sargent's Racial Imbalance

Governor Sargent's Racial Imbalance

Series Description

Premiered January 1974

The Evening Compass was a half-hour program airing Monday - Friday at 7 pm, repeated at 10:30. With co-anchormen Ed Baumeister and Louis Lyons, its purpose was to interpret news already reported elsewhere and to recognize, report and interpret news not reported elsewhere. Compass Specials were occasional broadcasts at other times that usually covered actual events as opportunities and resources permitted. Evening Compass incorporated the staff of Louis Lyons/News and Comment and The Reporters.

See Prime Time January and February 1974 for cover stories. Series release date: 1/2/1974



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Broadcast program

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Massachusetts. Board of Education
Civil rights
Race relations
Busing for school integration
Sargent, Francis W., 1915-1998
Garrity, W. Arthur (Wendell Arthur), 1920-1999
Boston (Mass.)
News Report
Stuart, Charles (Series Producer)
Pilkington, Greg (Reporter)
Baumeister, Ed (Reporter)
Lyons, Louis (Reporter)
Bullard, Pam (Reporter)
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