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Course of Our Times, The; Japan And The Atomic Bomb

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Course of Our Times, The
Japan And The Atomic Bomb
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Historical survey hosted by Abram Sachar, Brandeis University. Series release date: 1973

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“Japan emerged from World War I as the strongest and most confident nation in the Orient. But she was restricted to a tiny area, smaller than California, with an expanding population highly skilled and ambitious. She was determined to take leadership for the unnumbered millions of Asiatic, fulfilling her own economic and social needs and protecting the races. This chapter details the opportunistic partnership she entered with the Fascist dictators of Europe, the attempt to subordinate China and the colonial holdings of the European powers, and the growing animosity with the United States, leading to Pearl Harbor and the ensuing all out war. It was ended with the atomic bomb, the morality of whose use by the United States had been a subject of impassioned debate ever since. the defeat of Japan was complete and it led to the ironic development of a firm friendship with the conqueror, so that, in the decades that followed, Japan became the staunchest ally of the United States in the Orient.”



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