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Teachers' Domain Professional Development; Middle School Physical Science (Merck Course)


This tape contains 8 final assets mck05_vid_galsetexp mck05_vid_galscivocab mck05_vid_galobserve mck05_vid_collabexp mck05_vid_colpredict mck05_vid_colqueststra mck05_vid_colsetexp mck05_vid_colreturning Asset titles followed by asset codes below. Ayala Galton classroom segments: Ayala Galton: Setting Up the Experiment mck05_vid_galsetexp Ayala Galton: Scientific Vocabulary mck05_vid_galscivocab Ayala Galton: Making Observations mck05_vid_galobserve Nadine Coletta classroom segments: The Lab Experiment mck05_vid_collabexp Nadine Coletta: Making Predictions mck05_vid_colpredict Nadine Coletta: Questioning Strategies mck05_vid_colqueststra Nadine Coletta: Setting Up the Experiment mck05_vid_colsetexp Nadine Coletta: Returning to the Predictions mck05_vid_colreturning See Teachers’ Domain Production Database Asset records for more detailed information.

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Teachers' Domain Professional Development
Middle School Physical Science (Merck Course)
Series Description

Teaching Elementary Life Science is a graduate-level professional development course designed to enhance your understanding and teaching of life science. In eight sessions, you will investigate life science topics using hands-on activities and online resources including video segments, interactive activities, readings, and other multimedia materials. These resources are drawn from Teachers' Domain, WGBH's digital library service. Series release date: 2004

Program Description

This 8-session course helps middle school teachers deepen their use of inquiry-based approaches to teaching standards-based science topics, including atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions, motions and forces, and the electromagnetic spectrum.



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Broadcast program

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