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Seeing, Searching, Being


Seeing, Searching, Being NOLA: SSBE SD Pledge Event 4:3 Broadcast Master for WGBH - Captioned

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Seeing, Searching, Being
Program Description

Adapted as a Pledge Event by WGBH from the core program provided by Florentine Films.

Seeing, Searching and Being is a documentary trilogy centered on the quest for meaning, spirituality and truth by existentialist William Segal, done in collaboration with Ken Burns. Part I - William Segal - focuses on Segal the painter and explores the link between the intimate self and the creative process of art and the artist; Part II - Vezelay - is an exploration in search of individual identity and springs from the inspiration of the basilica at Vezelay, France; Part III - In the Marketplace - combines the themes of Vezelay and William Segal - providing context and breathing life into the abstract.

William Segal (1904 - 2000) was a philosopher, publisher, writer, and painter who searched relentlessly and compassionately for meaning in the chaotic and distracted time we call the 20th Century. The student of such diverse masters as G.I. Gurdjieff and D.T. Suzuki, Segal helped bring Eastern and Western spiritual traditions together, always stressing what connected humanity rather than what differentiated it. In the last decade of his life, Segal befriended the documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, and the two collaborated on an interior trilogy to ask the question: what is it that defines our true meaning in the world?



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