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End Of The World, The


Tape contains raw footage from studio shoot. Majority of tape contains lighting, sound and graphics tests, most of which involve Susan "Stockard" Channing. At beginning of tape is (2) versions of the same scene (rt: 04:00) acted by Channing and unidentified male actor. Later in tape (at 39:35) is monologue scene acted by Channing, later still, at 48:07, same scene is repeated, but shot much differently, utilizing extreme close-ups. Original play and televised version, directed by David Wheeler.

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End Of The World, The
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Throughout history, people have wondered about the end of the world. Whether by flood or by fire, natural disaster or technological nightmare - How and when will it happen? And more importantly - Why? Ellen Kushner explores of the beliefs and the music of the world's traditions, ranging from the great battle of the ancient Norse Ragnarok to the Hindu cosmic ocean, as well as the Jewish and Christian takes on just what it is we're all waiting for!



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