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Science Investigators
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Series Description: Pilot Program Only, No Series Produced

SCIENCE INVESTIGATORS is a new and groundbreaking television program that takes a 21st century, cutting-edge approach to the subject of science. The show will provide solutions to a series of scientific mysteries in a fresh, captivating way. Full of information told through compelling stories, the pilot series is presented by four young, lively hosts, armed with the latest gadgets and technology, who make this a science show with attitude for the blog generation.

SCIENCE INVESTIGATORS is a Lion Television and WGBH Science Unit Production. Executive producers are Chris Bryson, Nick Catliff (British Academy Award winner), Tony Tackaberry (HISTORY DETECTIVES, a top-rated PBS summer series) and Susanne Simpson, Academy Award nominee and Emmy winner. Hosts are Basil Singer, physicist and robotics expert; Victoria Bruce, geologist, author of the best-seller No Apparent Danger; Kevin Hand, astrobiologist at Stanford and Princeton Universities; and Bahareh Azizi, biochemist and lecturer at Georgia Institute of Technology. Executive-in-charge is Paula S. Apsell, senior executive producer of NOVA, the most-watched science documentary series in the world.

In the first episode, SCIENCE INVESTIGATORS asks: What can DNA from a more than 30,000-year-old Neanderthal man tell us about ourselves? Are vanishing frogs an early warning sign of hazards to come? Why is the knuckleball one of the most mind-boggling pitches in baseball? Will bacteria be used to power iPods in the future? SI also tells the moving story of an injured Iraq war veteran searching for a better bionic arm. Finally, are NASCAR drivers ready for a new kind of racecar—one that’s all electric?



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