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Martha Speaks; TD and the Steak Tree; TD and Martha Gopher Broke


MSPE 128 28:46 3/28/09 DB/MR5 Media Operations Center PBS

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Martha Speaks
TD and the Steak Tree; TD and Martha Gopher Broke
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Premiered September 1, 2008

"Martha Speaks" is an animated series that is designed to enrich the vocabulary of 4- to 7-year-olds. The series is based on the classic books by Susan Meddaugh that have charmed and captivated millions of children. Each episode uses Martha's unique linguistic abilities and the hilarious consequences to engage kids and help build their vocabulary skills.

In each Martha Speaks episode, the characters use special words throughout the show. Explicit words, marked with (E), are defined by one of the characters on the show. Implicit words, marked with (I), are used on the show but not defined.

Produced with Studio B Productions, Inc. Series release date: 9/1/2008

Program Description

TD and the Steak Tree TD gets hoodwinked by Weaselgraft and Pablum into buying a steak tree. He's sure if he takes good care of it, soon he'll be harvesting freshly blossomed steaks. But when the buds open to reveal flowers instead of sirloins, TD has to think fast before he's humiliated in front of his friends.

Vocabulary: (E) bloom, blossom, harvest, sprout, trend

(I) branch, bud, grow, plant, pick

TD and Martha Gopher Broke Martha, TD, and TD's dad spend the weekend at CK's farm, trying to keep a gopher from eating all the crops. After many failed schemes to catch the gluttonous gopher, they realize the best way to keep him from eating the crops is by offering him a better meal elsewhere!

Vocabulary: (E) agriculture, burrow, crop, pest, produce

(I) farm, gnaw, plants, trap, underground



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Barss, Karen (Series Producer)
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