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Mystery!; Touching Evil, Series I

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Touching Evil, Series I
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Premiered in 1980 -- offshoot of MASTERPIECE THEATRE. Showcase for the best of British drama in the mystery genre. Current producer, Rebecca Eaton. See individual episode titles for more information. Host: 1980: Gene Shalit; 1981-1989: Vincent Price; 1989-present: Diana Rigg Series release date: 1980

Program Description

Robson Green ("Reckless") stars as maverick police detective Dave Creegan, the newest member of London's Organized and Serial Crime (OSC) Unit, an elite, rapid-response and wholly fictional crime squad modeled largely on the FBI. Creegan -- smart, sexy, brash and slightly mysterious -- and his partner D.I. Susan Taylor 1901--Three children have been kidnapped. In each instance, a daffodil is left behind - strangely reminiscent of an unsolved multiple kidnapping-murder in Stuttgart several years before. A yellow Volvo at the scene of the most recent abduction is traced to pharmaceutical scientist Ronald Hinks (Ian McDiarmid) - formerly of Stuttgart. Hinks is arrested and his home searched, but not a shred of incriminating evidence is found. While Hinks continues to elude the long arm of the law, his dog offers Creegan and company a new lead. 1902--When three patients in critical condition all die within hours of each other in the same hospital by the same drug that none had been prescribed, the OSC is called in to investigate. Creegan and Taylor find that all the victims had an almost imperceptible message tattooed on their bodies: "Let me go." Topping their list of suspects are Dr. Elizabeth Walker (Kika Markham), a euthanasia advocate who consulted on all three cases, and Carl Burgess (Sean Gallagher), an obsessive orderly with a troubled past. 1903--When it's determined that all three victims had at one time clinically died and been successfully resuscitated, Creegan is painfully reminded of his own near-death experience -- and he is convinced that he and the killer have a trip "to the other side" in common. Creegan sets a diabolically seductive trap for the killer -- only to find himself ensnared. 1904--Creegan and the OSC team are briefed about a series of brutal attacks on horses that occurred in a single night in the U.S., England and Japan. A Japanese youth confesses that the assaults were prescribed by "Amathus," a gothic Web site/fantasy game in which players must pass a series of "tests" -- from mutilating horses to homicide. 1905--Creegan and Taylor zero in on a group of local college students when murder becomes the name of the game. Examining the bizarre manner in which the bodies of their victims have been mutilated, Creegan realizes it mirrors a notorious case of 15 years ago involving a now-incarcerated prostitute, Justine Barber. He suspects that the elusive "Amathus" Webmaster is obsessed with Justine - and Creegan turns to her for help.

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Eaton, Rebecca (Series Producer)
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