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La Plaza; Dirty Wars, The: Human Rights in Latin America

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La Plaza
Dirty Wars, The: Human Rights in Latin America
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Premiered January 10, 1979- Officially La Plaza as a separate series title ended after season 28 (2006). It was replaced by the interview series: Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One which premiered in 2007.

Producer Raquel Ortiz anticipates that the bilingual series will serve as a plaza for the entire local Latino community. Ortiz also served as the host during the first season along with guest hosts. The program format varied from week to week, between musical specials, documentaries, in-studio debates, both locally produced and acquired. Spanish language programs were subtitled in English and English language programs were captioned in Spanish.

See January 1979 Prime Time Program Guide for cover story. Series release date: 1/10/1979

Program Description

First broadcast in 1990.

Part One In Latin America, “disappear” has become a feared verb, a word that connotes repression, and the unclaimable loss of a loved one. At this moment the holocaust is being repeated. Yet there are no Nuremberg trials for the Latin American generals. La Plaza will trace the historic forces that have given rise to a continent of death squads and guerilla movements. It will examine how powerful human rights movements have grown out of the anguish of mothers and wives, and explores the reasons why the world looks on but allows genocide to continue.

Part Two There are over 20,000 Salvadorians and Guatemaleans in Boston today, driven inside the U.S. border by the wars raging in Central America. With this program, La Plaza takes an intimate look at the human losses of war. The testimonies of people from El Salvador and Guatemala who have survived turtore, and are now struggling to survive in this country, eloquently explain the ongoing struggles for peace and human rights.



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