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Making Things Work; Hazards



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Making Things Work
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WGBH program (C. 1971) hosted by Thalassa Cruso on fix-it projects around the house - how to mend household items, remove stains. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

Thalassa Cruso suggests ways to prevent household accidents. Proper disposal of old or outdated medicines, homemade system to identify dangerous medicines and household poisons are demonstrated. Prevention of accidents with slipping bathmats and throw rugs is demonstrated with single sheet of plastic and double layered sticky tape. Nailing a piece of carpet to the bottom cellar step. Inexpensive auxiliary lighting systems in event of power failure are suggested. Wooden plank on damp cellar floor is a cheap way of avoiding electrical accident when working with a fuse box. Broken bulb is removed from a socket with a piece of soft soap and a cork. Inexpensive fire escape ladders are demonstrated and various types of fire extinguishers discussed. Flammable clothing is discussed and baking soda in an ashtray is suggested as fire (and odor) prevention trick. Finally Thalassa demonstrates how you repair a tired window shade that has lost its pizzazz.



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Broadcast program

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Home Improvement
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