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Ten O'Clock News; Jesse Jackson at Madison Park High


John Hashimoto reports that Jesse Jackson visited Madison Park High School to talk to students. Hashimoto's report includes footage of Jackson's address to students in the school gymnasium. The students cheer enthusiastically as he approaches the podium. Jackson tells students that they must live with the consequences of their actions. He tells them that they can become whatever they want to be. He reprimands one student for talking during his speech. Jackson urges students to register to vote. He directs those who are not registered to a voter registration table in the gymnasium. Hashimoto reports on speculation that Jackson will run for the presidency in 1992. Hashimoto notes that Jackson could be elected senator if Washington DC becomes a state. Hashimoto reports that Jackson also spoke at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Hashimoto notes that Jackson addressed national and political issues in his address at UMass. Hashimoto's report features footage of Jackson's address at UMass. Hashimoto reports that Jackson is working to keep himself visible. Hashimoto calls Jackson a "perennial candidate" for elected office. The edited news story is followed by b-roll footage of Jackson and his entourage arriving at the high school, and the opening of the assembly including color guard and the end of the national anthem. Additional footage of Jackson's address. Byron Rishing, Bruce Bolling, and Charles Yancey sit behind Jackson during assembly. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item: Francis "Mickey" Roache speaks to high school students on police stop-and-search policy

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Ten O'Clock News

Jesse Jackson at Madison Park High

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NIGHTLY NEWS WITH CHRISTOPHER LYDON AND CARMEN FIELDS Began January 1976. Replaced evening news show EVENING COMPASS. Original host: Steve Nevas. Other anchors, Christopher Lydon (1977-91) and Gail Harris (1983). In 1980 - hour long. Ended in 1991.

(PREDECESSORS: Louis Lyons began news operations at WGBH in 1952. The News at 10 began in 1966. The Reporters premiered in 1970. The Evening Compass started in 1974.) Series release date: 1/1976



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Voter registration
Rushing, Byron
University of Massachusetts at Boston
Bolling, Bruce C., 1945-2012
Speeches, addresses, etc.
Yancey, Charles C.
Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
African American politicians
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1992
Columbia Point (Boston, Mass.)
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)
News Report
Jackson, Jesse, 1941- (Speaker)
Hashimoto, John (Reporter)
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