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Flick Out; Films by Dick Bartlett

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Flick Out
Films by Dick Bartlett
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Originally aired on May 22, 1968 as a four and a half hour marathon showcasing young filmmakers. Hosted by Standish Lawder, Yale University film professor, “Flick Out” gave viewers the chance to watch some of the most creative films being produced at that time. It included short documentaries, film essays, animated cartoons and full-length features that illuminated the art of film.

Beginning in July 1968, “Flickout” became a weekly half-hour series, produced by Henry Morgenthau, showing experimental films from both new, young filmmakers, and established craftsmen. Whenever possible Morgenthau interviews the filmmaker whose work is being shown. Series release date: 5/22/1968

Program Description

A delightful potpourri of films by WGBH’s Dick Bartlett:

Question of Color is a lighthearted spoof of A Man And A Woman. The Bartlett version is a pseudo-poignant love story between a black woman and a white man whose conversation centers on a racing car - 1950 vintage Volvo - instead of a snappy Mustang. New film techniques intensify the beauty of black skin against white.

Face Junk is yet another spoof in the Bartlett tradition. Using a collection of female faces and voices, the film shows the rift between inner beauty as compared to the cosmeticized face you show to the world. After a few moments of watching someone put on make-up, you’re convinced that the face you put on in the mirror is more important that philosophical drivel.

Constance is, in the words of the filmmaker, ”loosely adapted from ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’.” Again, in the Bartlett tongue-in-cheek style. Constance (Lady Chatterley) is everything D.K. Lawrence’s heroine isn’t: she’s an overweight wood nymph with short dark hair and an overly made-up face. Her lover is the definitive French-Canadian lumberjack, although he’s only half as big as Constance is wide.

In Ruby, Bartlett presents the very moving story of an elderly, not-too-attractive lady school bus driver who, out of depression, desperation, and pure guts, endeavors to put a bit of glamour into her life. It’s unfortunate that only a short segment of this ninety minute film can be included in Flick Out, because after you attend Ruby’s initial encounter with night club glamour where she meets a second-rate singer who dazzles her, you want to know more about what makes this fantastic woman tick.



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Film and Television
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