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Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund; L'Image

Part of New Television Workshop.

CAT FUND Part of NTW Master Dubbing: 8/98

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Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund
Series Description

Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund -- WGBH's collaboration with the Institute Of Contemporary Art (ICA) -- offers a co-venture among TV producers from seven countries, each seeking to capture the spirit of a specific environment. Titles include: O PANAMA: a video by James Benning and Burt Barr evoking the mental landscape of a sick man confined to his apartment; TIME CODE; L'IMAGE; STORM AND STRESS; SOLOS, DUETS AND PIZZA: Three dance videos: "Rotary Action", a duet featuring Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane; "Watermotor for Dancer and Camera", with Trisha Brown, and "From and Island Summer", with Karole Armitage; SET & RESET (#4) VERSION 1: Choreographer Trisha Brown performs to music by Laurie Anderson in this video dance piece DAMNATION OF FAUST: story of Marguerite of the Faust legend; MORE TV STORIES: satirizing the relationship between people and their TVs; NEW ENGLAND FISHERMEN - Joan Logue's brief vignettes of fishermen. Series release date: 1985

Program Description

A collection of scenes/images that, ostensibly, tells the story of a search for missing images, involving an expedition to a secret world (Nomala) with a nomadic people who control images. It is less of a narrative, and more of an essay on the importance of images in our lives and the way we take them for granted. Central among the images is an animated silkworm that is tied to an ancient Chinese story of a silkworm and an empress. The image of the worm and its glowing cocoon is interspersed with scenes of the expedition to Nomala organized by a professor.



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Broadcast program

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Film and Television
Louis, Daniele ()
Louis, Jacques ()
Siblik, Georges ()
Ophelie ()
Schoffeniels, Ernest ()
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