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Evening Compass, The; Evening Compass (09/08/1975) Early Edition; Evening Compass broadcast


Evening Compass newscast on the first day of Phase II desegregation of Boston Schools. Ed Baumeister reports optimism on the part of city and school officials about the opening of schools. Report includes footage of Arthur Gartland (Citywide Coordinating Council) at a press conference, talking about the successful opening of the schools. Paul deGive reports on the opening day at Charlestown High School, which was peaceful despite confrontations between police and Charlestown residents on Bunker Hill Street. DeGive reports that police motorcycles bore down with little warning on demonstrators sitting down in the middle of Bunker Hill Street in Charlestown; that a gang of youth overturned two cars in Charlestown and assaulted an African American student at Bunker Hill Community College. DeGive's report includes footage of Peggy King (Charlestown resident) and Gertrude Harris (Charlestown resident). King and Harris resent the police presence in Charlestown. Judy Stoia reports on reactions to busing and police presence in the Charlestown community. Her report includes footage from an interview with a white teenager who is boycotting school. Stoia notes that Charlestown residents are frustrated at the police presence in the neighborhood. Baumeister reports on the peaceful opening of school at South Boston High School. Donovan Moore reports on opening day at Madison Park High School. Moore's report includes footage of Tom Hennessey (Acting Headmaster, Madison Park High School), talking about the first day of school in a new building. Pam Bullard reports on the successful opening day at the Solomon Lewenberg School in Mattapan. Bullard's report includes footage of Jim Pardy (Assistant Principal, Lewenberg School) talking about the successful opening of the Lewenberg School. Gary Griffith reports from the Police Department Information Center on police activities throughout the city, including the arrest of 77 members of the Committee Against Racism (CAR). Griffith notes that the CAR members were demonstrating along a bus route in South Boston. Bullard reports on the first day of school at the Condon Elementary School in South Boston. Bullard's report includes footage of interviews with Marjorie O'Brien (South Boston parent) and Katherine Ellis (South Boston parent) concerning their views on busing and school desegregation. Greg Pilkington reports on opening day at the Dearborn School in Roxbury Greg Pilkington reports on the African American community's reaction to the beginning of Phase II school desegration, and on opening day at the Dearborn School. Pilkington reports that parents complained about the poor state of the facilities at the Dearborn School. Bullard reports that opening day at Hyde Park High School was peaceful. She notes that there were complaints from local residents about the heavy police presence. Bullard's report includes a still photo of racist graffiti on a mailbox in front of the school. Baumeister reports on transportation problems involving school buses. Baumeister's report includes footage of Baumeister questioning Charles Leftwich (Associate Superintendent of Boston Public Schools) about busing problems at a press conference.

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Evening Compass, The
Evening Compass (09/08/1975) Early Edition

Evening Compass broadcast

Series Description

Premiered January 1974

The Evening Compass was a half-hour program airing Monday - Friday at 7 pm, repeated at 10:30. With co-anchormen Ed Baumeister and Louis Lyons, its purpose was to interpret news already reported elsewhere and to recognize, report and interpret news not reported elsewhere. Compass Specials were occasional broadcasts at other times that usually covered actual events as opportunities and resources permitted. Evening Compass incorporated the staff of Louis Lyons/News and Comment and The Reporters.

See Prime Time January and February 1974 for cover stories. Series release date: 1/2/1974

Program Description

Evening Compass newscast on the second day of Phase II desegregation of Boston schools. Ed Baumeister reports on the increased presence of federal law enforcement officials in the Boston. Report includes footage of Kevin White (Mayor, City of Boston) saying that violations of the law committed in the evening will be prosecuted as federal offenses. Baumeister also reports on school attendance. Footage of Marion Fahey (Superintendent, Boston Public Schools) expressing optimism about the climate in the schools. Greg Pilkington reports on police commitment to stricter law enforcement relating to school desegregation. Report includes footage of a press conference with Robert DiGrazia (Police Commisioner, City of Boston) and J. Stanley Pottinger (Assistant U.S. Attorney General). Pilkington notes that police have made few arrests relating to violence Charlestown. Footage of Pilkington interviewing Scott Harshbarger (Assistant State Attorney General), about enforcement of the school desegregation order. Paul deGive reports on a confrontation between anti-busing mothers and police in Charlestown Paul deGive reports on confrontations between Charlestown residents, and police throughout the day. The report includes still photos and coverage of a standoff between police and Charlestown mothers during a prayer march. DeGive reports that Charlestown mothers charged police officers who were blocking the path of their march. DeGive reports on a confrontation between police, members of the media and Charlestown residents outside of the Bunker Hill Housing Project in Charlestown. DeGive notes that the police left the area because their presence seemed to provoke the residents. DeGive's reports includes footage of Charlestown resident chasing the media from the neighborhood. Pam Bullard reports on the atmosphere at Roxbury High School. Her report includes footage of interviews with Charles Ray (Headmaster, Roxbury High School) and a student who says that there is "no trouble" at Roxbury High School. Gary Griffith reports on police reaction to the increase in anti-busing violence and vandalism in the evenings. The report includes a photo of vandalism at the John F. Kennedy birthplace in Brookline. Graffiti in front of the house reads, "Bus Teddy." Judy Stoia reports on the atmosphere and programs at English High School. The report includes footage of interviews with English High School students, Chris Lane (Flexible Campus Coordinator, English High School) and Robert Peterkin (headmaster, English High School). Lane says that attendance has increased since yesterday. Peterkin talks about the tough academic standards at the school.



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Massachusetts. Dept. of State Police
Busing for school integration
Boston (Mass.). Police Dept.
Hate crimes
Race relations
Arrest (Police methods)
Hyde Park (Boston, Mass.)
South Boston (Boston, Mass.)
Charlestown (Boston, Mass.)
Roxbury (Boston, Mass.)
News Report
Stuart, Charles (Series Producer)
Stoia, Judy (Reporter)
Griffith, Gary (Reporter)
Baumeister, Ed (Reporter)
deGive, Paul (Reporter)
Bullard, Pam (Reporter)
Moore, Donovan (Reporter)
Pilkington, Greg (Reporter)
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