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Korea: The Unknown War; Battle for Minds, The



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Korea: The Unknown War
Battle for Minds, The
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Broadcast Nov. 12-14, 1990

This series spans the history of the Korean War with a look at its origins and legacies. The programs combine archival material with the testimony of key eyewitnesses and present new evidence regarding the controversial aspects of the war. The story of a "police action" that grew into a multinational war claiming 34,000 US casualties - in the first and only confrontation between forces of the United Nations and the Communist bloc. Episode titles: 101: Many Roads to War," 102: An Arrogant Display of Strength," 103: "There is No Substitute for Victory," 104: "An Entirely New War," 105: "The Battle for Minds," 106: "Armed Truce." Series release date: 11/12/1990

Program Description

Begins in June 1951, on the anniversary of the war's outbreak, and covers the painfully slow progress of the truce talks. With neither side capable of victory, military operations became principally a means to exert pressure on the negotiations and battles were waged for hearts and minds. Examines accusations of germ warfare made by the Chinese against the US, and the propaganda contest over the repatriation of prisoners of war. Ends in November 1952, with the election of General Eisenhower as President, and a renewed determination to end the war.



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Broadcast program

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War and Conflict
Global Affairs
Hoyt, Austin (Series Producer)
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