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Making Things Work; Kitchen Cleaning


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Making Things Work
Kitchen Cleaning
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WGBH program (C. 1971) hosted by Thalassa Cruso on fix-it projects around the house - how to mend household items, remove stains. Series release date: 1971

Program Description

Thalassa demonstrates how to prolong life of rubber gloves with cotton balls in the fingertips and moleskin as a mending material that is both cheap and waterproof. Suggest keeping steel wool soap pads under water in a jar to prevent rusting, poaches fish in a dishwasher, removes fishy smell from pan with dry mustard, from hands with lemon juice, removes rust from iron pan with cream of tartar, puts marbles in bottom of double boiler which make a racket until the water is gone, puts colander over dry pan to prevent spattering, cleans stove with commercial cleaner as well as vinegar, suggests use of ammonia as an oven cleaner in place of newer chemical cleaners, cools off hot oven by placing a large bowl of cold water, warns against toxic verdi gris on copper cooking utensils and cleans copper with equal parts of vinegar, salt, flour, with a few drops of water, cleans brass with half a lemon covered with salt, removes smell of refrigerator with drop of vanilla on cotton ball and suggest use of activated charcoal to absorb refrigerator smells, dusts refrigerator gaskets with talcum powder and finally polishes formica with commercial polish as well as ordinary car simonize.



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Broadcast program

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Home Improvement
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