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Food Trip with Todd English; My Favorite Things

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Food Trip with Todd English
My Favorite Things
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Saturdays, beginning January 13, 2007

Todd English: chef, author, restaurateur, entrepreneur, explorer, food tripper. He is among America’s culinary royalty, but just where does he get the inspiration for new dishes, new menus, or new restaurants? To find out, join the chef on Food Trip with Todd English, thirteen half-hour episodes premiering on WGBH 2 on Saturday, January 13, 2007, as he shares his talent and taste for reinventing traditional cooking. “I get a lot of ideas from traveling around the country and the world,” says English. “Cooking is often an interpretation of one’s experience and one’s knowledge. Food Trip with Todd English is the kind of television program that will show how people and places inspire me—and how public television viewers can also be motivated to get back into their kitchens and create their own inspired dishes.”

During his travels at home and abroad, Todd explores a different dish or culinary tradition, drawing inspiration for new recipes from each locale's native cuisine and ingredients. Series release date: 1/13/2007

Program Description

Broadcast in 2007 Join Todd English as he shares his favorite people, places, and flavors from the food trips he’s taken near and far. Each journey influences the way Todd thinks about, and creates, food. Included is a lesson on the importance of “terroir” with a trip to Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This region is the home of the rare culatello di zibello, where the local black pigs’ diet of fallen acorns, and the foggy air that cures the meat, gives the local ham its distinct flavor. Finally, Todd will explore a different type of travel-- down memory lane- -where tastes bring him back in time to days of cooking with his mother, or propel him forward to create a recipe with a cactus bud or a fresh scallop. Back at Olives, Todd creates a dish based on his all-time favorite flavor... the white truffle of Italy, when he makes handmade pasta with truffles.

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