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Compleat Gilbert And Sullivan, The; Patience



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Compleat Gilbert And Sullivan, The
Series Description

The Compleat Gilbert and Sullivan was a monthly series of popular operettas that premiered March 21, 1984. Programs included: IOLANTHE, HMS PINAFORE, PRINCESS IDA, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, THE GONDOLIERS, TRIAL BY JURY, THE MIKADO, RUDDIGORE (starring Vincent Price and Keith Michell), THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE SORCERER, PATIENCE, COX AND BOX.

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. is the series host. The series aired from 1984 to 1987. Series release date: 1984

Program Description

Series Description: Some of the most entertaining children's stories of all time are brought to life in the first-ever primetime animated series on PBS. Based on "The Book of Virtues," the best-selling anthology by William J. Bennett, each tale is introduced by two children -- 11-year-old Zach Nichols and 10-year-old Annie Redfeather -- and a group of talking animals. Many of Hollywood's top stars have lent their voices to the heroic characters and villains in the series, MORE including Irene Bedard, Ed Begley Jr., Tim Curry, Pam Dawber, John Forsythe, Mark Hamill, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence, Kathy Najimy, Julian Sands, George Segal, Charles Shaughnessy, Peter Strauss, Elijah Wood and Michael York. 101W --"WORK"/"HONESTY" This episode begins when a violent thunderstorm wrecks Plato's Peak. Everyone works together to clean up the debris -- except Socrates, who finds no virtue in work. Her friends at Plato's Peak offer several stories to bolster her courage so she can face the next big race. In the second half, Zach breaks one of his father's cameras. He concocts a story to escape blame. However, three cautionary tales he hears at Plato's Peak make him see the big picture and convince him to confront his father with the truth. 103W -- "RESPONSIBILITY"/"COMPASSION" In the first half of this episode, Annie disregards her vow to safely deliver her mother's cakes on her new bike. Tempted, she accepts Zach's challenge to a bike race. The resulting accident wrecks her new bike and the cakes, forcing Annie to think about the concept of responsibility. The second program focuses on an immigrant family who loses their home in a terrible fire. Plato and Aurora counter Zach's excuses not to get involved with several inspiring stories about the need for compassion. 105W -- "COURAGE"/"SELF-DISCIPLINE" The first half of this episode centers on Annie as she hits a hurdle and falls flat on her face during a track meet. The second half of this episode shows Zach getting into a heated argument with his mother when she refuses to advance him his allowance, prompting several stories from Plato and Aurora about the pitfalls of impatience and losing one's temper. 107W -- "Friendship"/"Loyalty" When Annie's new friend breaks her promise and chooses someone else to be her partner on a canoe trip, Annie's feelings are hurt, provoking a discussion about the meaning of friendship. Stories: "Waukewa's Eagle," "Why Frog and Snake Don't Play Together" and "Damon & Pythias." In the second episode, Zach accidentally breaks a memorial plaque in an overgrown park. His elderly friend is angered and Zach doesn't understand why. Plato helps Zach solve the mystery by telling several stories about loyalty. Stories: "Yudisthira at Heaven's Gate," "The Cap That Mother Made" and "Queen Esther." 109W -- "Respect"/"Faith" When Zach and Annie are rude to a friendly junkyard man who is helping them build a go-cart, Plato is concerned and tells several stories about respect. Stories: "Diamonds and Toads," "Please" and "The Bell of Atri." In part two, when Annie's elderly friend and neighbor dies suddenly, Annie questions the use of faith and the virtues it inspires. Stories: "Daniel in the Lion's Den," "The 23rd Psalm" and "Harriet Tubman." 111W -- "Humility/Generosity" When Annie wins the class presidency the power goes to her head, prompting several stories from Plato and the gang about the merits of humility. Stories: "The Emperor's New Clothes," "Phaeton," "The Serenity Prayer" and "King Canute at the Seashore." In the second part, Zach and Annie collect canned goods for a local shelter. Plato realizes that the kids are more concerned about getting recognition than for actually helping people. Stories: "Rocking Horse Land," "Old Mr. Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner," "Count That Day Lost" and "The Gift of the Magi." 113W -- "PERSEVERANCE"/"HONESTY" (SEE SCHEDULE NOTE) When Plato discovers that Zach and Annie have given up guitar and karate lessons, he takes them on a hike to the top of Plato's Peak. Along the way, Annie and Zach discover various objects, prompting severe stories from Plato and Aurora about the importance of perseverance. Zach breaks one of his fathers cameras, and concocts a story to escape blame. However, three cautionary tales he hears at Plato's Peak make him see the big picture and convince him to confront his father with the truth. SCHEDULE NOTE: THE SECOND PART OF #113(W) IS "HONESTY" WHICH ORIGINALLY AIRED AS PART OF #101W ON 9/2/96. 200 series: Some of Hollywood's top stars who have lent their voices to the heroic characters and villains in the 200 series are Scott Bakula, Dean Cain, Eriq La Salle, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ricardo Montalban and Lou Diamond Phillips. 201 -- "Trustworthiness" Zach eagerly volunteers to help with the preparations for a reception for his college football idol. But when he's asked to clean up the auditorium, Zach backs out, prompting stories from Aurora and Plato about what it means to be trustworthy. Stories: "The Bear and the Travelers" and "The Knights of the Silver Screen." 202 -- "Determination" Zach and Annie take off on a biking trail through the woods, resolved to finish before sundown. But when Zach has an accident and sprains his ankle, he and Annie tell each other stories to bolster their determination to get out of the forest before nightfall. Stories: "Proteus" and "Jinkyswoitmaya." 203 -- "Integrity" Annie's handmade weather vanes are selling like crazy, so she cuts a few corners to produce them faster to keep up with demand. When the weather vanes begin to fall apart, Annie's angry customers want their money back. Humiliated, Annie retreats to Plato's Peak where she hears tales about the concept of integrity. Stories: "For Want of a Horseshoe Nail" and "Charlemagne and the Robber Knight." 204 -- "Gratitude" Zach wants a big birthday party but is disappointed when his parents tell him they can only afford a small gathering of his close friends. At Plato's Peak, Zach hears about the importance of gratitude. Stories: "The Discontented Stone cutter," "Cornelia's Jewels" and "The Little Loaf.""Charity" 205 -- "Selflessness" When her mother asks her to help baby-sit her twin cousins, Annie balks at being selfless and sharing her time, until she learns the value of giving up something in the present to achieve a greater future good. Stories: "The Line of Golden Light" and "St. George and the Dragon." 206 -- "Honor" Zach needs a good grade on a history test in order to make the school honor roll. It looks like he's made it until he realizes his teacher added the test score wrong. If Zach tells, he won't make the honor roll. Plato's stories help Zach realize there's a more important kind of honor at stake. Stories: "The Honest Woodman" and "Honest Abe." 208 -- "Charity" When Annie includes her favorite leather jacket in a clothing drive for the poor, she later regrets it and must come to terms with the true meaning of charity. Stories: "The Emerald Lizard" and "Mr. Straw." 209 -- "Leadership" Zach complains about the leadership abilities of the captain of the water polo team. But when he gets elected to the position of captain himself, Zach learns firsthand what it means to lead others. Stories: "The Tower to the Moon" and "The Gordian Knot." 210 -- "Citizenship"--Annie's family vacation is put on hold because her father is called for jury duty. Annie doesn't understand why her father can't just postpone jury duty, prompting stories at Plato's Peak about citizenship -- the civic virtue. Stories: "The Stone in the Road" and "The Story of Cincinnatus." 211 -- "Diligence" Zach wants to be a photographer, but is disappointed when the school newspaper offers him what he considers a thankless assignment -- taking pictures for their classified ads section. Plato and Aurora help Zach realize he should apply himself to this task with the same diligence he has for learning photography. Stories: "The Discontented Pig" and "The Sculptor and the Sistine Chapel."



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