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Say Brother National Edition; Australian Aborigines

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Say Brother National Edition

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Say Brother National Edition
Australian Aborigines
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Series Description

In 1975 the purpose of Say Brother National Edition was to introduce and demonstrate to people the vitality of Black Americans and their community life. Under producer Marita Rivero and executive producer Topper Carew a series of 13 half-hour programs for the national audience was produced from existing programs.

In weekly half-hours, Say Brother National Edition presented the many dimensions of black American life as seen from one city’s vantage-point. It was in a magazine format, each segment representing a different perspective: music, history, dance, culture, drama, language, old folks, young people, families, issues, person-on-the street, and others. Series release date: 1975

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Say Brother National edition. Makes use of program 407content.



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Broadcast program

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Indigenous peoples
Aboriginal Australians--Ethnic identity
Bibbs, Cheryl
Mandrill, Louis
African Americans--Attitudes
Bond, Julian, 1940-
African American politicians
Civil rights
Race and Ethnicity
Topper Carew (Executive Producer)
Carew, Topper (Executive Producer)
Barrow-Murray, Barbara (Associate Producer)
White, Conrad (Director)
Rivero, Marita (Producer)
Jones, Vickie (Associate Producer)
Haydock, Roger (Assistant Cameraman)
Silva, Candelaria (Community Coordinator)
Johnson, Henry (Camera)
Bravo Wing, Carla (Community Coordinator)
Fletcher, Leah (Community Coordinator)
Tarter, Margaret (Community Coordinator)
Balhatchet, Tom (Engineer)
Bordett, Bruce (Studio Technician)
Correia, Dennis (Engineer)
Rivero, Marita (Concept)
Nicholas , Huntley, Jr. (Sound)
Plausse, John (Studio Technician)
Smith, Kathy (Studio Technician)
Estus, Boyd (Camera)
Lane, Frank (Studio Technician)
Spooner, Dighton (Researcher)
Fairweather, Bill (Engineer)
Benson, Bill (Unit Manager)
Kane, Pat (Videotape Engineer)
Smith, Lee (Studio Technician)
Wright, Rodner (Graphics)
Sullivan, John L. (Studio Technician)
Holden, Dick (Studio Technician)
Lewis, Webster (Music Coordinator)
Handyside, Keith (Engineer)
Chigas, Basil (Studio Technician)
MacKnight, John (Videotape Engineer)
Kenner, Sharon (Graphics)
Wright, Sylvia (Community Coordinator)
LeCain, Larry (Studio Technician)
Floyd, Michael (Studio Technician)
Burnett, Hayes (Music Coordinator)
Crippens, David (Host)
Wareham, Skip (Studio Technician)
Bagwell, Orlando (Assistant Cameraman)
Barrow-Murray, Barbara (Producer Segment)
Buccheri, Ron (Studio Technician)
Wilson, Bob (Studio Technician)
Devitt, Douglas (Videotape Engineer)
Crane, David (Videotape Engineer)
Simons, Fred (Videotape Engineer)
MacDonald, Greg (Studio Technician)
Charette, Bill (Studio Technician)
Dick, Michael (Graphics)
Cogell, Lloyd (Still Photography)
Hadfield, Peter (Graphics)
Spangler, Jennifer (Engineer)
Izzi, Steve (Sound)
Koppel, Tiit (Studio Technician)
St. Onge, David (Videotape Engineer)
McGuire - Nicholas, Sallie (Production Assistant)
Loerzel, David (Assistant Cameraman)
Hutton, David (Videotape Engineer)
Henry, Arthur (Videotape Engineer)
Speight, Alonzo R. (Community Coordinator)
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