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FRONTLINE; Money, Power and Wall Street, Part 1


BROADCAST MASTER (SOLID GREEN LABEL) 3011 HD STACKED 001 Episodes 1 and 2 broadcast on the same night.

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Money, Power and Wall Street, Part 1
Program Number

3011; 3012

Series Description

Premiered January 1983 Since January 1983, FRONTLINE has served as American public television's - PBS - flagship public affairs series. Hailed upon its television broadcast debut as "the last best hope for broadcast documentaries," FRONTLINE's stature over 23 years is reaffirmed each week through incisive documentaries covering the scope and complexity of the human experience. Series release date: 1/1983

Program Description

Episodes 1 and 2 broadcast on the same night.

Since 2008, Wall Street and Washington have fought against the tide of the fiercest financial crisis since the Great Depression. What have they wrought? In a special four-hour investigation, FRONTLINE tells the inside story of the struggles to rescue and repair a shattered economy, exploring key decisions, missed opportunities, and the unprecedented and uneasy partnership between government leaders and titans of finance that affects the fortunes of millions of people around the world.

In Part 1, FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk (Inside the Meltdown, The Warning) investigates how two U.S. administrations have confronted the crisis – while dealing with sharp internal divisions and a relationship with Wall Street marked by mistrust and dependence, mutual interests, and competing goals. The investigation charts the largest government bailout in U.S. history, a series of decisions that rewrote the rules of government and fueled a debate that would alter the country’s political landscape. Focusing on the Obama administration, FRONTLINE tells the story of a newly elected president with a mandate for change grappling with the multi-headed menace of economic instability, and with fundamental choices about winners and losers and the direction of his presidency.

A FRONTLINE production with RAINmedia and Kirk Documentary Group



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Broadcast program

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Public Affairs
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