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FRONTLINE / WORLD; Egypt: Extraordinary Rendition; India: A Second Opinion


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Egypt: Extraordinary Rendition; India: A Second Opinion
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Egypt: Extraordinary Rendition FRONTLINE's international news magazine returns with an investigation into the CIA's controversial practice of kidnapping terror suspects for interrogation, often in countries where torture is common. As members of a CIA snatch team face trial in Italy for a kidnapping in Milan, FRONTLINE/WORLD correspondent Stephen Grey-the reporter who first tracked the CIA's rendition flights around the world-travels to sites in Europe and Africa, and ultimately to Washington, D.C., to uncover the hidden truth about one of the darkest realities of the war on terror. Also in this episode, a journey to India to explore the mysteries of Ayurvedic medicine, and an answer to the surprising question of how libraries began to appear in the mountains of Nepal.

India: A Second Opinion FRONTLINE/World correspondent T.R. Reid explores the ancient Indian health care system of Ayurveda to see if there is a better way than artificial joint replacement to treat his injured shoulder.

Reid, who is also known for his humorous commentaries on National Public Radio, travels to the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, or AVP, in Coimbatore in southern India to see if he can alleviate his aches and pains and avoid the high-tech shoulder surgery that his physician back home in Denver has recommended.

Treatment is based on the ancient Ayurvedic principle that all living things are controlled by three vital forces, or "doshas" -- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Good health comes from keeping the doshas in balance.

But can Ayurvedic medicine really cure? Researcher Ram Manohar is prepared to find out. In collaboration with the UCLA Medical School, he's begun a long-term study to see which works better for rheumatoid arthritis, Ayurveda or the Western drug methotrexate.



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