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Carols for Dancing

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Carols for Dancing
Program Description

Today, people usually think of carols as songs performed by choirs or celebrity vocalists during the Christmas season. But originally, carols sprang up as festive dance songs for a variety of holidays and seasons. Lauda, villancicos, noels, and carols, all medieval dance song forms became linked with innovative celebrations of Christmas and then flowered during the Renaissance. So at Christmas, these cheerful songs accompanied joyful dancing at home and in the streets, in churches and cathedrals.

Carols for Dancing explores the intimate connection between song and dance in this rich heritage of holiday music. Built around vigorous performances by Renaissonics - an award-winning improvisatory Renassance dance band that produced new arrangements for this special - the program tells the story of the midwinter holiday dance tradition with brief, intriguing narratives by host Ellen Kushner.

Carols for Dancing showcases instrumental music revealing the fascinating and often unexpected stories behind familiar carols and offering listeners the chance to learn while enjoying an upbeat music presentation.

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Broadcast program

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Performing Arts
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