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Long, Hot Summer ‘64; Program One


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Long, Hot Summer ‘64
Program One
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Series Description

Radio. "Series of weekly programs focusing on the summer's civil rights struggle" Series release date: 1964

Program Description

Series description: Radio. "A weekly summary and in-depth report on the struggle for civil rights in the South"

Program focuses on current events in St. Augustine, FL. Ted Mascott talks with C.T. Vivian, SCLC, about the arrest of Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, William England, Barbara Smith, Rev. Eugene Dawson, and others at the Monson Motor Lodge, earlier in the day. Vivian also remarks that buses of SCLC supporters are scheduled to arrive in coming days. Ted Mascott interviews Jonathan Brown, a white student from Yale University who discusses being beaten and cattle prodded during the march on 6/10. Mascott then briefly talks with Robert Hayling. Program concludes with T.F. Conley talking with William England and Eugene Dawson the morning of 6/11, prior to their afternoon arrest. Dawson talks of the march 6/10, the violence that ensued, and how most of the national network news people were were threatened and ultimately runoff by police and their dogs. England then comments on the beating he suffered on 6/10. Conley reads relevant news from the AP wire. Tape contains brief fundraising appeal for the station.

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Broadcast program

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News Report
Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity
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