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Long, Hot Summer ‘64; Program Three


Air Check: Paul Cowan, Jim Jackson, Fred Martin

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Long, Hot Summer ‘64
Program Three
Series Description

Radio. "Series of weekly programs focusing on the summer's civil rights struggle" Series release date: 1964

Program Description

Series description: Radio. "A weekly summary and in-depth report on the struggle for civil rights in the South"

Program focuses on recent events regarding the disappearance of Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) workers James Chaney (a black CORE activist from Mississippi), CORE organizer Michael Schwerner, and summer volunteer Andrew Goodman, on June 21, 1964. From Oxford, OH, the training facility for COFO, reporter Paul Cowan conveys the mood and attitudes at COFO in light of the events. Ted Mascott then reads the latest AP Wire news about the disappearances, including President Johnson's call for local US Sailors to assist in the search for the missing men.

The second focus is on the events of 6/25/1964 in St. Augustine, FL. Ted Mascott talks by phone with Jim Jackson, the leader of the local negro youth council, about today's attempt to integrate the local beaches, known as a "wade in." Later Mascott reads the AP Wire version of events in St. Augustine.

Mascott then interviews, by phone, Fred Martin in St. Augustine, about local reaction to the Grand Jury's decision calling for an end to "negro demonstrations" before a biracial committee would be convened. SCLC , Martin Luther King, and others are disappointed in that Grand Jury comprised of known segregationists, and that committee formation was made conditional upon an end to demonstrations. Martin also notes that groups on both sides of the issue are becoming larger in number and better coordinated overall.

Mascott reads a letter to the editor of the St. Augustine Record newspaper from a white woman who lost her job and has been ostracized from her community, because she did not support the local white segregationists.

Final segment is interview by Barbara Miller, a Radcliffe student, with an unnamed "liberal" white Harvard student from Mississippi, discussing what the reaction of black and white Mississippians will be to the influx of COFO workers arriving in Mississippi in coming weeks.

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Broadcast program

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News Report
Race and Ethnicity
Social Issues
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