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Creative Mind, The

58-0038-00-01-001: 1. “ Man the Creator” - Guests: Louis Finkelstein, Reinhold Niebuhr, Milton Nahm 58-0038-00-02-001: 2. “The Architect as Creator” - Guest: Frank Lloyd Wright 58-0038-00-03-001: 3. “The Choreographer as Creator” - Guest: Agnes de Mille 58-0038-00-04-001: 4. “The Theoretical Scientist as Creator” - Guest: Harlow Shapley 58-0038-00-05-001: 5. “The Composer as Creator” - Guest: Aaron Copland 58-0038-00-06-001: 6. “The Poet as Creator” - Guest: Allen Tate 58-0038-00-07-001: 7. “The Painter as Creator” - Guest: Ben Shahn 58-0038-00-08-001: 8. “The Writer as Creator” - Guest: Robert Penn Warren 58-0038-00-09-001: 9. “The Research Scientist as Creator” - Guest: John C. Sheehan 58-0038-00-10-001: 10. “The Composer as Creator” - Guest: Walter Piston 58-0038-00-11-001: 11. “The Creative Personality” - Guest: Jacob Bronowski 58-0038-00-12-001: 12. “The Creative Mind” - Guests: Milton Nahm, Margaret Mead, Rudolf Arnheim Lyman Bryson, host and commentator Produced in 1958 Approximate date: 1958

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Creative Mind, The
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Radio: A series of twelve radio essays about the creative process as it pertains to the American artist and scientist in the twentieth century. Series release date: 1958

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Fine Arts
Summerfield, John D. (Series Producer)
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