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Marketplace Health Desk; November 1999

Stories aired on Marketplace (pm), Marketplace Morning Report (am) or Marketplace Money (w/e) - November 1999 TITLE, REPORTER(S), DATE, RUNTIME AHP & Warner, Palmer, Helen, 11/3/1999 (pm), 0:01:56 Florida Tobacco Case Ott, Tanya, 11/4/1999 (am), 0:01:34 Drug Merger, Palmer, Helen, 11/4/1999 (am), 0:01:14 The Good Doctor, Pollack, David, 11/4/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Pfizer Fight, Gardner, Sarah, 11/4/1999 (pm), 0:01:28 Fighting Health Care, Palmer, Helen, 11/4/1999 (pm), 0:01:52 Pfizer Fight II, Gardner, Sarah, 11/5/199999 (am), 0:01:28 Pfizer & Lipitor, Heaney, Vanessa, 11/5/1999 (am), 0:01:37 "The Insider" Opens, Walsh, Brendan, 11/5/1999 (pm), 0:01:37 United Health, Palmer, Helen, 11/8/1999 (pm), 0:01:52 Cigar Craze, Walker, Melody, 11/8/1999 (pm), 0:03:46 Food DNA Tests, Richard, Chris, 11/10/1999 (am), 0:00:58 E-Coli, Walsh, Brendan, 11/11/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Drug Research, McCall, Timothy, 11/11/1999 (am), 0:03:20 RX Double Dips, Walsh, Brendan, 11/12/1999 (am), 0:01:08 Rite Aid, Walsh, Brendan, 11/12/1999 (pm), 0:01:07 Bowel Drug, Walsh, Brendan, 11/16/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Who Pays?, Marshall, Nancy, 11/18/1999 (am), 0:03:20 United Health II, Walsh, Brendan, 11/18/1999 (pm), 0:01:22 Genetically Altered, Hardman, Jessie, 11/19/1999 (am), 0:01:13 United Health III, Palmer, Helen, 11/19/1999 (am), 0:01:12 Rite Aid II, Palmer, Helen, 11/19/1999 (pm), 0:01:56 DrSurf.com, Palmer, Helen, 11/22/1999 (am), 0:01:09 Pet Pharmaceuticals, Horsley, Scott, 11/22/1999 (pm), 0:04:23 Aetna, Walsh, Brendan, 11/23/1999 (am), 0:01:16 Viagra, McCall, Timothy, 11/24/1999 (pm), 0:02:31 Gallo Clinic, Walsh, Brendan, 11/25/1999 (am), 0:01:36 Fat, Inlander, Charles, 11/25/1999 (am), 0:03:20 Older Drivers, Walsh, Brendan, 11/26/1999 (am), 0:01:00 On-Line Bids For, Palmer, Helen, 11/29/1999 (pm), 0:01:38 Resident Unions, Walsh, Brendan, 11/30/1999 (am), 0:00:59 Bioengineered Foods Ingle, Cynthia, 11/30/1999 (am), 0:01:11 Biotech, Ott, Tanya, 11/30/1999 (pm), 0:05:56 FDA & Tobacco, Palmer, Helen, 11/30/1999 (pm), 0:01:51 Approximate date: November 1999

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Marketplace Health Desk
November 1999
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Series Description: A locally-produced, periodic half-hour program that showcases the wealth of creativity in the Greater boston area. Greater boston arts will feature segments produced by independent filmmakers - spanning the spectrum from major institutions to community arts centers, downtown theatres to rehearsal studios, high art to low - as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

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